OviDrive® helps you manage your vehicles, drivers, suppliers and payments.

The smart, easy, affordable way.

Managing vehicles has gotten complicated ever since we've upgraded from horses. We're here to un-complicate things!

OviDrive® is easy to setup and use. It has fleet management knowhow built-in and gets smarter the more you use it. Now you and your team can focus on growing the business!

How does OviDrive® work?

Vehicles are connected live with our cloud platform

Drivers take action with the mobile app

Work made easy with all events in one web application

What does OviDrive® do?

Manages vehicles & drivers from compliance to performance

Manages transactions & payments, incoming and outgoing

Manages suppliers & discounts. Use ours or bring your own

How does that sound?

Let's get started and save you some time and money!

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Who is OviDrive®™ for?

Sole traders

Stay on top of logbooks, vehicle tax records and benefit from large fleet discounts on a wide range of services.

Small businesses

Keep costs under control and get large fleet discounts on fuel, servicing, tyres and more.

Corporate fleets

Get live visibility and direct control over fleet costs, metrics, compliance and utilisation.

Government fleets

Reduce costs to operate and get live visibility over fleet costs, metrics, compliance and supplier discounts.

Not for profit organisations

Understand fleet utilisation, stay in control of costs and gain wider visibility. Get better discounts on a wide range of services.

Grey fleets

Control the cost and compliance of personal vehicles driven for work. Get an accurate solution for km reimbursements.


Thought about ways to streamline or automate daily fleet operations?


Been disappointed in your fleet management organisation's level of service?


Missed a service which voided your warranty or caused damage?


Thought about the risk of grey fleets legally impacting you or your business?


Missed a registration renewal which resulted in an infringement?


Felt like you have no visibility over vehicle maintenance costs?


Felt like you should have gotten a better deal from your fleet suppliers?


Lost yourself in oceans of telematics data, unable to draw useful conclusions?

We’re so excited for our users’ journeys

This is such a different approach to fleet management, we were very intrigued. OviDrive represents what a vehicle management system should be about.

ChrisFleet Administrator

This tool saves us so much time, everything is in one place and so easy to use. OviDrive came with a supply chain which made it a complete solution for us.

SimonProcurement and Fleet administrator

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