Automate your fleet


OviDrive®™ is a clean sheet vehicle control system

Meet the world’s 1st automated vehicle management SaaS. It’s like a powerful artificial brain, intuitive, flexible and feature-rich. It is affordable and scales to meet the needs of any business.

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Get time for what's important

The OviDrive®™ Artificial Intelligence brain doesn’t mind taking over the boring repetitive tasks and daily complexities. So, be freed to focus on what makes a difference!

Get everything in one place

Integrated fleet operations, vehicle maintenance, telematics, suppliers and payments in one unified, scalable SaaS.

Easy to jump on board

OviDrive®™ is so easy to implement, use and customise. There are no setup costs¹, no lock in contracts², and it takes minutes to get started. Watch it work right out of the box!

1 for self serve accounts only
2 for eligible customers

Aren't you a bit curious?

Manage all fleet aspects

Service & Maintenance









Live Odometers



Days Unavailable

Fringe Benefit Tax

Car & Plan Replacement

The OviDrive®™ Pulse, a hub for live fleet data

The Pulse is a landing pad for all fleet events and activities. It gives you live visibility over your vehicles and drivers and organises data neatly like a well mannered robot.

The OviDrive®™ ecosystem is a fresh user experience

OviDrive®™ is connected live from car to driver, fleet admin to suppliers, service request to service shop, budgets to payments. What a wonderful time to be alive!

OviDrive®™ comes with great suppliers and significant fleet discounts

We have built relationships with some of the best providers for fleet products and services. With great discounts too! Use our suppliers or bring your own.

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We’re so excited for our users’ journeys

This is such a different approach to fleet management, we were very intrigued. OviDrive represents what a vehicle management system should be about.

ChrisFleet Administrator

This tool saves us so much time, everything is in one place and so easy to use. OviDrive came with a supply chain which made it a complete solution for us.

SimonProcurement and Fleet administrator

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