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OviDrive®™ is the ultimate SaaS vehicle control system

It takes any size fleet beyond traditional automation, using real time data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to deliver a fully integrated & infinitely scalable service.

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Live Data

Connected live, from car to driver, from fleet administrator to client, from service request to service shop

Break Up With Overheads

Cloud based infrastructure and automation allows your business to scale freely, cutting ties with inhibiting overheads

Automated & Smart

Machine Learning power, Artificial Intelligence brains and intuitive back end make managing your fleet a breeze

Become Proactive • Ditch Reactive

OviDrive®™ comes with superhuman predictive capabilities. Crunches big data to give you at-a-glance visibility over your fleet

Manage all aspects of your fleet

Service & Maintenance









Driver Behaviour



Days Unavailable

Fringe Benefit Tax

Car & Plan Replacement

Meet the Core • Powered by Machine Learning

Take control of your fleet with a powerful cloud portal, accessible from any computer, anywhere in World. Regardless of whether you are a fleet manager, maintenance manager, customer service operator or the customer, the Core is a central access point for live data being gathered from your fleet via the mobile app. It is the home of the OviDrive ®™ brain, the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithms powering automation within our system. Keep your personal brand touch while removing manual tasks from your to-do list because managing your fleet should be about strategy not boring repetitive tasks.

The Core is where you can keep a careful watch over your clients, cars, drivers, plans and a versatile solution to manage your suppliers and invoices in and out.

In the Pulse section you get to see your live fleet activity: from service & maintenance requests to fuel & toll transactions, plan or car replacement requests, reimbursements, fines, accidents, breakdowns and much more.

The ultimate driver user experience

Improve your drivers’ experience with the OviDrive®™ Mobile App, built for:

  • Visibility – with real time budget tracker, vehicle and driver profile compliance statistics, live status updates on servicing work orders and other expenses, automated vehicle service prompts
  • Functionality – instant vehicle service booking with authorised provider, powerful logbook, fuel transaction management, automated reimbursements, fringe benefit tax calculation, direct access to other plan modules such as accident management, after hour breakdown, tolls, insurance and so on.
  • Communication – besides traditional communication methods such as inmail and email we wanted OviDrive®™ to feature a built in chat functionality between fleet manager, driver and vehicle service provider, system notifications delivered in and out of mobile app

Making cars talk data, OviDrive®™ data

Tiny and inexpensive Bluetooth 4.0 OBD devices stay hidden and gather realtime data on your vehicles. At W 4.5cm x H 2.5cm x D 1cm they are almost invisible yet pack a powerful punch, allowing the OviDrive®™ Mobile App to work its sweet magic. Bluetooth pairing haters we’ve got your back! You will never have to pair to our OBD devices, the OviDrive®™ Mobile App connects instantly, no questions asked. On top of that, your mobile phone will continue to connect to all of your other car bluetooth devices at the same time.

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